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  1. Really hope liverpool and everton can get champions league football next
    season just to show the rest of England that merseyside is still and always
    will be the greatest footballing city the country had ever had

  2. This is my favourite video on youtube, I watch it all the time. Thanks for
    compiling an awesome quality video. Lets hope we can come good this year!
    COYB from Australia!

  3. I’m a die hard red fan but Everton this year played one of the most
    beautiful football in europe and deserved to go to the CL, from my own
    perspective I can see everton winning Europa league next season.
    I hope we will regain our power, we, the merseysides like mid 80’s.

  4. The editing is quality, mate. The Barkley freekick (Swansea) and Coleman’s
    strike (S’ton) pairs well with the music.

  5. Loved watching Everton this year, Martinez is an amazing manager!! The
    standout players that I saw were Lukaku, Barkley, Coleman, and Mirallas!

  6. i’m from Morocco and the funny thing
    This season Manu vs everton (in the oldtrafford)
    this match was playing in late time all the streets in my Area where i live
    is empty everyone was watching the game in café
    and in 85min everton scored and i heard biig biiig noise everyone who was
    watching the game sCream Wlyeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i was thinking that’s im
    living in Some everton area not Mine hahah (sorry my english is bad)
    Good Luck to you guys This season big respect .

  7. I just started watching the BPL (I live in the US) and after watching my
    team in the MLS, I wanted to find a team to support to make it much more
    fun to watch. I was watching Everton vs ManU and knowing how big and Man U
    is and seeing Everton defeat them got me to watch them more.
    Then finally I seen Deulofeu’s goal against Arsenal and that’s what did it
    for me. And now I planning on watching every game I can and getting a kit
    for next season.

  8. The 13/4 crest looks really good at the start. If they had have done
    something with that stupid yellow band it would have look boss

  9. Nice Job man! What a video! Where have you downloaded the highlights in HD
    of West Ham – Everton, Arsenal – Everton, Man City – Everton, and others?
    Please tell me, I need only 4 to complete my video :). Thank you and
    congratulations :D

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