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  1. u shud all check out my new everton vid clickon my name for a link to the
    channel and watch away

  2. playfulpaul y r ya watchin everton videos ya prick wt a nob ed a liverpool
    fan watchin everton videos

  3. Everton football club has lots of history. Hopefully someday they will
    shock the world and win the Club World Cup. English football videos>
    American garbage they try to pass off with the name of our sport.

  4. lmao just words you prick, carry on watching the game on bbc sport website
    u prick, no games for you, you little norwegian twat.

  5. help stop global warming, stop gobshites flying to home game, foreign glory
    seeking nob heads.

  6. yer looking 4foward 2 r almost 3 ground ,enjoy 400millon pounds worth of
    debts lol kirkby ear we come

  7. Loyal English Chairman, great young british manager, a team that can
    actually pass the ball, young players constantly coming through the ranks,
    local fans not glory hunters…small budget, big heart. Instead of fat rafa
    and the yanks, no local players for 10 years, cheating captain past his
    best, hardly any British players or fans come to that. Laughing stock these
    days…..all that money and luck…..slowly dripping away, sad!

  8. 1995 fa cup, ull just laugh at this coz your a typical gobshite, but least
    we know a lil something bout our history unlike you who joined the red and
    white shite army after they won the champions league.

  9. wa u on about…. ur syain weve got ” obsessive hatred” wen ur sayin…
    small club an all that…. ur a gobshite… fuck off to norway mate.. all
    av got to say to you is 1-0…. your away end was empty as soon as gosling
    scored the goal so take your shite support back over the other side of
    stanley park ye prick

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