Everybody in Roberto Martinez’s squad is at risk of losing their starting spot

Following Everton’s 0-2 defeat against Arsenal, Roberto Martinez has stated that every player in his team is in danger of being dropped to the sidelines.

The Spanish manager was frustrated to see his team perform at such a mediocre level and he has now told his players that they have to step it up if they want to continue getting playing time and they can’t replicate performances like the one that was displayed when playing against Arsenal.

Everton’s Roberto Martinez said: “Unless you can show you are a player to drive Everton forward, it will be difficult to see how you can stay in the side.

“We have got eight games to play for in the league. Every game has got an important meaning for different reasons individually and the players’ careers and as a team, and clearly we are not going to through any game with no meaning being at Everton.The competition for places is as good as it’s ever been. The focus and the work has been terrific, that is why I couldn’t see this performance coming. That is the most hurtful part of it.”

Everton is positioned at the 12th spot of the Premier League after having collected 38 points from their opening 29 league matches.

Roberto Martinez is hoping that for the upcoming seasons, Everton will be able to climb into the higher section of the Premier League and the Spanish manager has even revealed that he is already making plans of signing new players during the summer transfer window.

When Martinez was asked if he is keeping a close eye on a few players that could be potentially signed in the summer, the Spanish manager replied by saying: “You always do that. Sometimes at the end, you realize that’s a price you can’t go into. It’s like going into a shop; you always get attracted to the best products’’


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