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  1. Toff are you going to gradually add more parts per season the higher you
    go, so for example when you get into the football league, there is 1, 2 or
    3 more parts a season?

  2. boukari at carlise….. how did he end there? (sometimes its interesting
    to see how mighty players fall/ well known managers fall)

  3. Haigh where can I get the editor to edit the money I start with rather than
    using the in game editor?

  4. Toff, go to the miserable bastards known as the board and ask for a new
    stadium as you are then better prepared for when you face big teams and
    have more fans.

  5. Really unlucky in the Carlisle game Toff, brave performance by your players
    🙂 Hopefully you can win the other tournaments your in and stay unbeaten
    for the rest of this season ;)

  6. Its a shame that you lost in the FA Cup, but you are doing a great work. I
    love the series :)

  7. FA Trophy Holders Dagenham and Redbridge????? Typical Dagenham, have to get
    relegated to win a trophy :P

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