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  1. As a Galaxy fan, one thing that completely endeared me to Everton was just
    how well the team’s fans treated Landon during his loan spell. He raves to
    this day about how it felt so comfortable and friendly down on LIverpool’s
    “Blue” side, and how he just had never felt so settled-in. Clearly, Everton
    isn’t just a top team because of its players. It’s a top team because of
    its down-to-earth, doggedly optimistic fans. Together, it’s what football
    was meant to be. – From L.A., with great affection

  2. why compare the mls to bpl ? America has a up and coming football league
    hope they do well and get more americans playing football 🙂

  3. The level of football is higher in the PL, very competitive I know but
    levels in PL are higher with a much more higher expectation. No disrespect.

  4. actually MLS is one of the most competitive leagues in the world. In the
    BPL the same 5-6 teams clinch champions league or win the title. In MLS
    every year the race to their cup is even. Their teams are much more level.

  5. Landon is tiny but no one ever notices, thats a heart-rate monitor to see
    how much each player works and… Americans are weird.

  6. every everton players is good in my eyes, and i think in every other true
    evertonians eyes, so basicaly you’re not a true evertonian

  7. Was I just on acid? Baines taller than Donovan, Jagielka wearing a sports
    bra and a photographer taking pictures of Howard’s penis! Wtf was this

  8. No he was not, not by a long way, he looked too tired, never near the
    quality of his first spell here………….

  9. Did you even see any of the Gold Cup at all? Based on his recent form he’s
    better than ever before. His pace is a little slower but he’s had to change
    his game and he’s done it successfully. You drastically underestimate him.

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