Oumar Niasse complains on Toffees management

Oumar Niasse complains that the Toffees management has not provided him a storage cabinet to keep his stuff and he has to keep his kit and all on the floor when he reaches the training venue.

Niasse has been slotted with the juniors and he has had to practice with them which he is already sulking about and then this further humiliation is hurting him even more.

According to the 26-year old, first of all he was shocked when the first team coach saw him training just once and that too for less than an hour and straightaway told him that he would have to make his way out.

Niasse said, “The first time I had a word with Ronald, he conveyed to me that I was not going to be a part of his plans. It surprised me because it was only that day that he had seen me train, never before and just in that one look, he had come to the conclusion. However, I still didn’t create any scene and how could I? A coach is a coach and whatever he says, you have to respect and oblige that.”

“But, presently, where I go to train, there is a separate cabinet for everyone except me. I carry the kit to the ground, place it down anywhere and go through the training session and once I am done with training, I collect all the stuff and come back.”

“I am dejected yes, I can’t hide it. Anyone would be dejected when they have to operate without a locker. It’s such a basic necessity, but, then what? You have to go through all this because this will not remain forever and there will be better times. That’s what I am telling myself.”

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