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  1. if the little bastard who did this is found not guilty,the jury who decided
    it want hanging and myself and other good people of liverpool will dish out
    our own brand of justice.

  2. how amazing was the tribute at Goodison Vs Blackburn though, sent shivers
    through my spine more than what Z Cars usually does RIP Rhys mate, so
    fuckin arlarse for this to happpen!!

  3. I am an Arsenal fan. This lad would have become a Everton legend, apart
    from dickhead killer comes along! I hope he ends up like Suddam Hussein and
    gets hung! I’d kill him for you! R.I.P Rhys. Your support from Me, Everton
    fans and players, and the entire Mersyside region. :'(

  4. R.I.P Rhys, In Heaven you will play for Everton and your family and friends
    still look up on you. Your killer will be found. I’m a Liverpool Fan But
    ‘You’re in my heart and in my soul’ xxxxx

  5. R.I.P i didnt no the guy but my heart really goes out 2 family n friends i
    jus lost sum1 its not gud wel dun 2 the players but well dun 2 the family
    they answer every letter n appear at anfield that takes guts

  6. if the little scumbag should happen to get off with the charges, i hope the
    good people of liverpool will dish out their own justice.

  7. i love u rhys rest in peice R.I.P … the angels will be looking out for
    you but to the familey be strong he is still with you MERCER ROT IN HELL
    YOU SCUM stupid wanker he shot rhys well he should be shot and made to go
    through what rhys did once again R.I.P LITTLE MAN xxxxxxxx

  8. i feel so sorry for rhys family now.. lets hope justice is going to be done
    and rhys killer is found .. R.I.P rhys xxxxxx

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