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  1. orange order used black cab drivers to scratch new cars in Liverpool. the
    backlash was bestival coach sabotaged with taxi drivers son on it ..Michael

  2. Koscielny isn’t faster than Ox-Chamberlain, Monreal, Gibbs or Podolski and
    that’s off the top of my head

  3. well you’d know wouldn’t you princess? I’m surprised you managed to take
    that guys cock out your hand long enough to type that.

  4. Used to go to school with this kid! Wish him all the best at Everton. Hel
    be a future right/left back for England!

  5. nice pen john stones if u play in the season and do that u will be a sick
    player well done COYB!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yeah but hellno if Taribo West have special powers in hair, he can defeat
    Barcelona B on his own.. He and Steve Stone have nice time washing hair
    with new boot on in special place

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