Martinez Desires To Loan More

After the immense success of loan players last season, Everton manager Roberto Martinez has expressed his desire to once again target players from a temporary basis in order to sustain the success that they achieved last season. Everton finished fifth in the table after a brilliant campaign in which they came close to finishing top four for the first time since 2005. However, this achievement by the club is considered even more strenuous considering that they have been suffering from a lot of financial problems in recent years. Further, this was Martinez’ first season at the club after he gets replaced David Moyes last summer.

The possibility of repeating the same success in the upcoming campaign looks very difficult since key players from last season like Romelu Lukaku and Gareth Barry have returned to their parent clubs. Everton have been trying hard to find them on a permanent basis, but so far it has not materialised. Despite this, Martinez is not giving up and he says that he is confident of using the loan system once again the club’s advantage. Lukaku has expressed his desire to return to Everton, although it looks highly unlikely that Chelsea will allow him to do so. Barry, though, could be available on a permanent transfer after being deemed surplus to requirements.

“The loan market will be important again. I have always felt loans are a real need in our squad, and we welcome that. You look back at the last experience we had with loans was very, very significant in what they brought into the squad. Every time we bring a loan player in we treat him like our own, like one of us, and allow him to enjoy his football and create unique memories. It is fair to say we have done that with all of our players in bigger and lesser amounts,” said Martinez.

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