Roberto Martinez wants Everton to Play in same Style

Roberto Martinez has said that Everton would continue to play the way they have been playing despite the fact that they are losing games.

The Toffees are generally known to play pretty balanced Football.  Neither do they attack too much, nor do they look to back off, but, this season, they have implemented something different. They have looked to take the initiative in most of the games and in trying so; they have left their back line a bit open and have conceded goals.

They would never have thought that half way through the season they would be close to the danger zone, but, that is the case right now.  Yes, it does not seem to be going to happen that the Toffees would slip to bottom three. They are still too strong for that. But, getting so close to that area is a pretty big embarrassment in itself for a team like Everton.

Some experts have been of the view that Martinez should not try to get overly attacking at this point in time. He would be better off trying defensive tactics for a while and try and secure a few points to get things under control a little bit.

But, the Everton manager is in no mood to ask his boys to play a different way. According to him, he has a long-term plan in place and he is not going to mind a few defeats. It’s only the aggressive mindset which is going to turn Everton into one of the powerhouses in the Premier League.

Speaking in an interview last evening, Martinez said, “I don’t support the remark that we have got to change our style.”

“Do we need to improve? Yes. Of course, but, as far as our approach is concerned, it’s fine. We will continue that way only.”

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