Tim Howard says the mentality of the sportspersons can never work in same way

Declining that there had absolutely no support left for Roberto Martinez in Everton playing group, Tim Howard says the mentality of the sportspersons can never work in a way that they go against their leader with the agenda of getting him dismissed from his position.

Howard will follow Martinez out of Everton too as he returns to his country America to play his remaining Football there.

To leave his contract one year earlier is a decision on Howard’s part which has not earned him too many kind words from the Everton supporters, but, the goalie believes practicality has to prevail at times in life.

According to Howard, people, at some stage, have to consider the needs of their families as well the kids whom they want to be close to.

Also, Howard believes that from his point of view, if he has the aspirations of being in Russia for another World Cup, he is better off being in the sight of his national head coach which he will certainly be if he is playing in Major League Soccer.

Howard, however, foresees a successful future for Everton and the reason is the base of the team which, in his view, is pretty strong.
In his conversation with a website correspondent yesterday, the goalie said, “Anyone who gets the Everton job can’t complain in terms of the resources that he would have.

“The ability is in abundance in that change room and with good bit of guidance, it can turn into a fine squad.”
On Martinez’s axing, Howard said, “You cannot get rid of the whole squad at a time. So, the boss has to go, but, the failure can’t be all his and the stories of grouping against him are incorrect. No sportsman thinks that way.”

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