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  1. Im Harrogate in my YC and i got Chelsea in the FA cup, got whacked 8-1 but
    we scored at Stamford Bridge! was buzzing for about an hour haha

  2. Another episode of the Youth Academy Challenge. Are any of you doing this
    challenge? I would love to hear how it’s going! If you enjoy please hit
    like! 40 likes would be fantastic 🙂

  3. OHH was that teemo on your desktop background 😛 your a league player arent
    you 😉

  4. In first season of my YAC. Still unbeaten in every competition with Croydon
    FC. Great fun so far.

  5. That hair pack, could you leave the link in the description in the next
    video? Or in the comments? 🙂

  6. I had a series on my channel but had to start it again, but I have started
    a new one only one episode though!

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