Year End Match A Challenge For Sale Sharks

Sale Sharks had a challenging match with Gloucester Rugby that was nervy for both sides on the last match of 2017. While Gloucester Rugby was able to end it with a high, Sale Sharks would be looking at other opportunities when they can gain victory over their opponents.

The victory that Gloucester gained was a difficult one as Sale Sharks put up a tough fight. This helped them to consolidate their position and secure one of the top four positions in the Premiership league.

Indeed, Sale Sharks started the game strong and there was a deficit of 9-7 by the time half time arrived in the game; however the John Ackermann’s team were able to dig in and overcoming the deficit before striving forwards to claim victory. Ben Vellacott was able to score, his first attempt in the Premiership being successful. The match wasn’t without it’s setbacks though, as Gloucester faced up to Billy Twelvetrees facing monster penalties when there were only 16 minutes left of the game. Fans will now be looking forward to the upcoming Six Nations battles, with this site reporting string sales on the back of the performances of players like Twelvetrees.

Most of the points for Sale Sharks were scored by AJ MacGinty. This was certainly a fine display for all the viewers. For Gloucester it was David Halaifonua who gained the scores in the first half.

The start was frantic and end to end; AJ was able to kick a penalty which brought the Sale Sharks ahead in the game. However, Charlie Sharples was on a magnificent run soon which took Gloucester ahead. Though the team faced strong tackles in the middle the playing judgement of players like David Halaifonua and Twelvetrees helped to put Gloucester ahead eventually.

The game was held at the Kingsholm stadium on December 30th 2017. Being a home game for Gloucester, it was a relief for the home crowd. However, for Sale Sharks there is much to make up for in the coming matches.

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