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  1. it was clearly obvious that most people would pick that badge because its
    the closest to the old one

  2. I’d like to stay with the current badge to be honest because it’s a bit
    like a lucky charm this is our best start to the season in a long time and
    still unbeaten

  3. Exactly this. I can understand the rage from the removal of Nil Satis but
    the new badge will have it regardless of the design.

  4. I definitely prefer that one I think the shield one was also very good but
    it reminded me too much of the Bordeaux crest but the other one was
    terrible to be fair

  5. I don’t see why people are moaning over this badge, we were never going to
    get the old one back anyway. This badge is very similar.

  6. i really like this one, its classy and not to much of a departure, no amber
    around it plz !!!

  7. Not my choice…I actually like the ‘shield’ one…but if Bob Martin likes
    that one….who am I to argue…???? IMWT 🙂

  8. Get some amber around the outside of that crest instead of white and you’ve
    sold it to me. None of them are great though let’s face it.

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